The Unofficial Diablo Fan Token Creating the First Tokenized Community-Driven Diablo IV Clan

We Welcome Thee, Nephalem

Diablo token is a community driven token that brings together dedicated and fervent fans on the iconic Diablo franchise. We are game and meme lovers at heart with a common love for Diablo.

Our token serves as a platform for Diablo enthusiasts to connect and create the first token-driven Diablo IV clan where we aim to collaborate to quickly bring players to the top level and find unique ways to monetize the communities time and effort into the game through community participation, collaborating towards end-game items and gear, and having fun!

We are building a gaming community focused around bringing players together to play and immerse themselves in a variety of games.

Necessary Evil will launch several tools for community members for a greater and improved quality of gameplay. We will also provide access to guides to help them become better players!  Players will also have access to clear and concise onboarding for how to get started with Web3 and the benefits they can achieve with it.

While Diablo IV will be the first game that Necessary Evil builds its community on, we will be branching off into several games over time.

Slaying and Sharing Together

We believe in the power of tokens and Web3 to connect like-minded individuals. Apart from finding unique ways to monetize the game, we will create a thriving community of enthuastic and creative fans to share fan art, lore, and more memorable experiences!


Earn Airdrops and Rewards

Create and Collaborate


Stealth launch | No presale
Buy Tax
Sell Tax
Total Supply
Max Wallet


Stage 1

- Launch the $DIABLO token
- Get listed on CMC / CG / Etherscan
- Initial Focus on Diablo game launch and utilizing $DIABLO for community based tools
- Utilize the token to onboard new users and drive awareness to the gaming community

Stage 2

- Launch Necessary Evil Gaming Community
- Onboard streamers and players to represent the Necessary Evil Community through the Necessary Ambassador program
- Launch our first set of Discord based tools for the Diablo IV game and community
- Introduce our first series of user guides and knowledgebases for several games
- Streamlined introduction to Web3 for traditional gamers who are interested to participate

Stage 3

- Branch out to other new and upcoming games as well as garnering interest for existing games
- Launching a competitive segment where we onboard skilled players to participate in game tournaments
- Launch our content platform where we cover news, updates and stories about existing and upcoming games in the industry
- Partner with other gaming communities and guilds in Web2 and Web3 to support them as we grow and expand our tools and offerings
- Launching subscription models with $DIABLO as an option for access to premium tools and content

Stage 4

- Game, product, and company sponsorship opportunities to further grow the community ecosystem and fund new community initiatives
- Launch initiatives that assist with mental health in gaming and exploring careers in gaming
- Launching our Necessary Evil board using the $DIABLO token for Governance


Fanart and media

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